About Nardi

Spa produces and models high quality custom outside furnishings for fashions as well as assorted configurations, supplying wellbeing and relaxation because of its clients thanks to goods which can be guaranteed 100% Produced in Italy.


The business is run by its own creators Giampietro Nardi (chairperson) and Maria Grazia Mecenero as well as their children (Chief Executive) Floriana and Anna Nardi. The family controls completely the business. The direction and creation websites are located in Chiampo (6), an area that your business is deeply linked with and where it proceeds to make additional opportunities.


A polycarbonate resin, polypropylene, is of the very best quality and mixed with additional substances like glass, artificial material, cushioned furniture and aluminum, enjoying the starring part in Nardi groups, which likewise remain away for the considerable array of colors available as normal. The organization ‘s know how and continuous technical improve combined with the artistic hands of its own developer Raffaello Galiotto lead to the development every yr of tables, seats, arm chairs, stools and much more; groups for the backyard as well as the specialist market that change into authentic state-of-the-art open air lounges, an ideal combination of design effect and performance.

Merchandise features

The achievement of the selections is down into a mixture of design, which requires know-how and continuous investigation, and merchandise features that are inherent:

– the topquality resin is set-coloured and zero-ultra-violet handled, which suggests the merchandise colors stay unchanged, complete and totally vivid actually whenever they have been subjected to atmospheric brokers and saline environments for extended intervals.

– the products that are produced are lightweight, simple to tidy, nontoxic, antistatic,

– all goods are 100% recyclable

– the nearby-finding centered generation sequence enables best manage within the standard of each product. Nardi additionally concentrates on customer support, in shipping preparation supplied through advertising support and logistics, in the accessibility to shares, in after-revenue services as well as in-direct relationships between their clients as well as producers.

The marketplaces

70% of Nardi employee turnover is realized overseas. The corporation does enterprise in 5 continents, from important markets like Russia, Cina, United States, Sydney, Latin America, right through to to small isles that are renowned for his or her attractiveness (Grenada, Aruba, Anguilla, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, St Barth’s etc.). Fresh assets underway The business simply recently finished the nice 3,000 m-2 expansion of its stockroom/transportation section and of the off ice place in the primary business head Quarters and administrative workplaces (Sept 2015). The three primary production websites may soon be compounded by a fourth, anticipated to launch in 20-16 that is early. The brand new service was created using the newest inventions when it comes to technologies, grow executive as well as the surroundings.

Fresh investments

In 20-16, a production website that was next was put into the business’s three present kinds – developed with the newest inventions when it comes to engineering, grow style as well as the surroundings. What’s mo-Re, the organization h-AS recently finished a 3,000 M2 growth of its stockroom/shipping section and workplaces at the principal headquarters and representative off-ice (June 2015).