About Grosfillex

Grosfillex: yet a Household Culture, An International Firm

A global firm located in the Jura Mountain area of France, Grosfillex, has developed from a device that was wood manage family-owned business into a global organization offering an extensive variety of resin products. Its excellent brand standing has been developed by Grosfillex on promotion, development, manufacturing and the plan of resin products destined for commercial usage and home. Grosfillex establishes a standard for excellence through the sector using its strict standards for quality at each level.

Grosfillex has functions not only in the office at home in Europe, but additionally in North and South America, and China now.

Grosfillex North America

Grosfillex’s central offices in Robesonia, Pennsylvania solutions Canada, the Usa and Mexico. Its North American operations include distribution centers and production facilities in Pa. The distribution center in Lebanon, Pa is located on 60 acres of property. These businesses share the common aim of supplying quality goods, prompt service and on time deliveries to clients.


Grosfillex North America comprises two operating departments: While the Industrial Item Division provides sellers and operators of the Foodservice and Hospitality market, Specialty Stores also to other marketplaces merchandise is marketed by the Consumer Product Division through mass retailers. Five products sold and are produced by way of various distribution channels:

Contract Furnishings – business planters for industrial companies including accommodations, restaurants, spa hotels and clubs and outdoor and in door furniture

House Furnishings – utility and cosmetic shelving

Yard and Yard – ornamental planters

Leisure Furniture – informal furniture marketed through mass retailers.

These products are supported by the attempts of numerous departments including management, bookkeeping, supply, recruiting, manufacturing and revenue. The models operate as a team focused on quality. This construction supports initiative and independent thinking although delegation of responsibility in the least levels. Each person in the Grosfillex team shares this passionate nature globally and leads to the success of the business.

Greatest Value

Grosfillex has created itself through its exceptional layout, quality and worth as a a pacesetter available grade in-door and outdoor furniture business. We straight back our products having a commercial guarantee that assures lastingness and quality. Grosfillex is the sole commercial grade resin manufacturing company in The United States and has really been committed to the market for more than thirty years